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How to Get Website Traffic with Twitter

Twitter Bird for Twitter LogoIt’s no secret that Twitter is mostly used to get traffic to websites. You get 140 characters to entice your audience to visit your website but it’s not that easy as you may well know. Marketers bombard twitter second by second all day long but few have learned how to get website traffic from Twitter.

Twitter is a marketing marathon on steroids but is anyone really reading what you write? If you find yourself tweeting information everyday and you’re not getting results it’s probably because your tweets seem like you’re barking at your followers.

You only get twitter traffic when you share valuable content with your followers. Visit a few Twitter accounts and see if the tweets don’t come across like a barking dog trying to get your attention. There’s nothing social going on in most cases and no real communication happening from what I can tell.

What valuable content could you share with your Twitter followers?

Would you buy something from a complete stranger off the street? If you said yes, you’re different than most people. Most people would say to the stranger. I don’t know you! People like to buy from people they know and trust.

I recently put out a tweet about a product I’m excited about that really shows you how Pinterest traffic works  so I put out a couple of tweets about it. I saw a big spike in traffic but that was it.

The rule is people need to see a sales pitch at least 7 times before they purchase something. I think the rule should be people buy what they want when they want it from familiar people or places. When buyers feel comfortable they buy what the want when they want it. I do that too.

That’s how Twitter should work!

Twitter Default EggPeople socialize to build relationships and eventually buy products and services from one another. You connect to the person you’re tweeting to and they must be able to relate to the message you tweet about.
I have about over 3 thousand followers in my twitter account and some of those people haven’t tweeted in years.

They still have the “default egg” after a couple of years and that’s a recipe for disaster. The Twitter default egg is not good for branding and shows you’re not sincere about letting people get to know who you really are. Maybe these folks thought Twitter was the new magical way to get traffic and promote their website without doing much.

Twitter doesn’t work like that nor does Facebook.

People will naturally tune out when they see tweets about buying this or that. They don’t want to visit your website unless there’s something in it for them.

What reasons can you give for someone to visit your website? Simply put, offer value. You’ve heard it before. People don’t like buying from strangers but they do want genuine relationships with people they can trust and that means you have to develop relationships.

How do you develop relationships with people on Twitter?

Determine what you have to offer and give it away. I don’t charge anything for visiting my website which I believe has a lot to offer people. I share it all the time on Twitter and you can do the same.

This presents an opportunity for you to do some soul searching and determine what you have to offer. If you can’t come up with anything significant it’s not the end of the world. We all have something to offer. Find out what is and share it.

I try to offer information my followers can use in their everyday life. My only intention is to add value to their life and maybe improve someone’s perspective on life. If you’re pushing out tweets that sound like they’re barking at your followers take it down a notch and try a new approach. You might be surprised and the traffic coming to your website should improve.

How can you get twitter followers?

Two ways to get Twitter traffic to your website.

  1. Capture email addresses with squeeze pages.
  2. Search for related twitter users and start following them.

It’s not the amount of Twitter followers you can get it’s the relationships you build with them that counts.

My website offers a no cost mini website course for anyone wanting to create a website with a plan and get in the game. That’s what I mostly share with my twitter followers.

When someone gives me their email address which I safeguard, they get my mini course and I can start building a relationship with them. It’s designed to help beginners get started online and a way for me to share my passion.

Once you have about 50 to 100 followers start tweeting slowly; maybe once a day or every other day. Don’t try to sell anything. Just try to blend in with your tweets. Lead your visitors to your website or articles you want them to read.

5 ways to get website traffic with Twitter.

  1. Start following a few people and read what they are saying.
  2. Wait until you have about 50 to 100 followers before tweeting.
  3. Tweet a message that adds value for your followers.
  4. Write an information packed article and share it with your followers.
  5. Continue responding to your followers needs by reading and responding to their tweets.

Rinse and repeat these steps until you have a following that recognize your intentions to share good content. You should be able to see a traffic increase to your website in weeks.

Remember the goal is to build relationships with people who have the same interest as you; and that’s how you get website traffic with twitter.

Twitter Set up Directions:

Create an account at
Change the default egg image for your profile.
Add your website link in your profile
Start following people of interest.
Don’t tweet until you have at least 50 to 100 followers
Track your traffic to know when it increases.

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