How to Translate a Website

How to translate a website into multiple languages.

Google Translate ToolOne important strategy website beginners should always ask is how to how to translate a website so people of other cultures can enjoy the information you provide on your website. When I started building websites I wondered how I would be able to appeal to people who spoke other languages like, Japanese, Spanish, French and many others.

I wanted to appeal to more than just English speaking people  to ultimately get a larger audience consuming the information that I provide about beginner website design. The “teacher” in me took me on a journey and I found two ways for visitors to translate a website into multiple languages; Google translate and yahoo babel fish translator. I’m sure there are other tools out there but Google and Bing Translate are the most popular.

My goal will always be to share my content with as many cultures as possible. You should never limit yourself to only to the English culture when other cultures can enjoy your knowledge as well.

I love researching my content so that it informs, entertains and educates. I want to make my visitors to feel welcome and enjoy the website building techniques that I teach and have all cultures participate in the learning process.

Take the Japanese culture for example. You can be sure companies like Adobe, Microsoft and Apple make their products work for other cultures and languages as well so well so why wouldn’t’ I? I mostly use Google Translate because it was the first one I discovered and it’s easy to use.

Make  your website More Accessible with Translation

Add elements to your website that most web builders don’t think about and put yourself in a position to be uniquely different. Google and Microsoft see the need to translate information for multiple languages so they created awesome tools you need to make that happen.

The translate tool allows you to make your website instantly available in 60 plus languages while transforming your website into a globally accessible website.

Copy and paste your text of choice, choose a language and click translate and Google’s translate tool will do the rest.

Here is a sample of How to translate a website explained in the video below. Take the text written below Japanese, French and Spanish and paste it into Google Translate. The statement below says how to translate website text in Japanese, French and Spanish. I can also use the text to tweet Japanese followers on my twitter account.


comment traduire un site Web

cómo traducir una página web

You can also add the translate tools to any web page. You would copy the code, find the spot where you want it on your website and paste it in.

Translate Word Press Platform Websites

If your website is built on a Word-press platform you would place a snippet of code for Google translate in a widget in your sidebar. A widget, presents a way to paste Html code in the side bar of your Word Press blog. The widget code makes it possible for subscribers to see what the code represents. Look on the right side panel on this website and you’ll find the Google Translate button there.

Yahoo Babel Fish Translator is a product of Bing who also owns Yahoo. In May of Microsoft Translate2012 Bing welcomed all users of babel fish translator to the new Bing Translator.  Microsoft can boast about having software that has built in language translators like Microsoft Office, Windows Phone, Face book and Kindle. Microsoft office is used by 90 percent of the world for word processing.

Bing’s translating interface is almost same as Google which also has auto detecting mode for languages you might be completely unfamiliar with. Bing says they train their algorithms on human-translated parallel texts, which allow them to translate languages automatically.

I don’t believe Google and Bing are competing to be the best at how to translate a website content but both companies have figured out the most important issue of search and that is being versatile, multi faceted, multi accessible, multi cultured and extremely accommodating. That spells success in any business especially a website business.

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